A Film For The Future

Would I trade for some pitching help? Yes I would trade veterans (Gonzo, Counsell, Clarke) but no I wouldn’t trade anyone from the system. I say this because I would trade a .500 season this year for a winning (potentially championship winning) team for many years to come. Gonzo, Green, Clarke etc will not be a part of anything like that, Quentin, Young, Drew, Callaspo, Hairston etc will, and more likely than not next year they will all be ready to perform. It seems to me that our two most tradeable players (who I wouldn’t mind if they got traded) are Hudson and Green. They are two players who could help a contender right now, and could get a good pitcher back in return.

My 2007 opening day line up (players, not necessarily the order)


A Green
Byrnes / DaVanon to provide veteran cover in outfield
Clarke (or another 1b back up)
other assorted backups.

I’m sure it’s not so prudent to entrust it all to the youngsters but what have we got to lose! With the money saved from not having Gonzo’s contract we can bring in a good free agent pitcher – maybe one who doesn’t have a proven track record of walking people left right and center – to complement Webb, Cruz, Batista (the latter two would make the perfect 3/4 starters) which leaves Edgar, Enrique, and maybe Owings and Greg Smith fighting it out for No 5.


Dodge This

3.30pm 5th July 2006

I went to bed after the third, thank heavens. And it started out so well, 2-0 up, Enrique not looking too bad. Alas I get up two hours later to 11-3 Dodgers. And then my five hour airport trip turned into eight with muppets driving their lorries onto the verge.

A tactical decision has been made to miss tonights 3.05am start (despite the prospect of some sort of exciting benches clearing dust up when someone is ‘accidentally’ plonked) and try and catch the entire Rockies Set, with more friendly 2.05am, 1.05am and then the wonderful Sunday game at 8.05pm. I love sunday games, the dbacks are never espn’s game of the week so they always start early evenings. I can go 40 yards down the street and get and Indian, sit back with a beer and a curry and watch the game. Truly the highlite of the week for any discerning fan.

I might be tempted to take a punt on Jeff Weaver. Over here we get one baseball game a week (ESPN’s sunday night game) shown on TV, and it’s covered very well – the only problem really is that you always see the same teams play thanks to ESPN’s AL (east) focus. Anyhow, the other season (2004 I think) they started a Weaver Watch. I think we’d seen a couple of his Yankee starts and the presenters were impressed by his stuff and wanted to try and understand why he got hit so hard. Thus every week before first pitch or during an inning break (not so many ads here) we’d get the update on Weaver’s start(s) of the week, and how he was shaping up. Anyway, I guess the point is I have a soft spot for him, the poor shaggy old golden retreiver.

A Short Introduction

2.30am 5th July 2006

A Blog about the Arizona Diamondbacks from across the pond in Cambridge UK. Watching West Coast baseball in the UK is a mostly nocturnal activity – tonights game against the Dodgers is a 2.10am start for instance. My first baseball game was Game 1 of the 2001 World Series, I caught channel hopping and saw Arizona, thought to myself "my Uncle lives in Arizona, I’ve visited him and love it their, I’ll watch this and see what it is". Well, I fell in love with the game, tried to stay up and watch every game of that world series (although mostly woke up during breakfast TV thinking ********** not again!").

Since then I’ve discovered MLB.TV and my sleep patterns have been well and truly destroyed. I work temp jobs as you don’t need to be too coherent to work them, and I don’t have to explain the bags under my eyes. I’m watching as much of tonights game as I can but I have to leave in 4 hours to pick my family up from the airport – a nice five hour round trip. Bottoms Up.