Livan on a Prayer

Livan Hernandez. Probably the best trade available – wasn’t too expensive (although giving away pitching prospects when we’re light in major league pitching and over-heavy in minor league hitting should probably raise the odd question – they weren’t top tier pitching prospects from what I understand, I’ve got a funny gut feeling that Chico will be a good major leaguer in the future though). Hernandez does nicely fill the Webb – Rest gap and having him next year as well is a good thing. He can hopefully shepherd some youngsters for the year and a bit that he’s here. Failing that if he finished strong he could be traded at highish value in the off-season.

If Owings makes it to the majors next year and Webb continues to knock those runners in we could have the best hitting pitchers in baseball next year.  You have to work towards something!

Would Byrnes and Hernandez be enough to trade for a top pitcher? Surely it would…


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  1. Kellia

    Would Byrnes and Hernandez be enough to trade for a top pitcher? Surely it would…

    It probably would, except maybe to the place I would like to see as Byrnes’ next and last stop…San Francisco.

    The trade you suggest might have to be augmented with a prospect there because the Giants already had Hernandez for four years and he was mediocre for them. Perhaps a three way deal whereby the Giants get Byrnes, the D’Backs get a pitcher and another team gets Hernandez?

    The D’Backs would do well to get Jason Schmidt on their side, but now that the trade deadline is passed, he would never clear waivers. The Giants, like the A’s with Zito, are in a difficult position: they want some value for their soon-to-be free agent aces, but they can’t let go of them while they are still in the race. And unless the D’Backs wanted to part with some outfield prospects, which it doesn’t seem like they want to do, it probably would have to be a rather expensive off-season signing of Schmidt as a free agent.


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