a nice victory on sunday evening.

did anyone else notice how many 3-1 counts Webb got himself into on monday? he seemed to be in them every batter. good to win without your best stuff though.

I’m going to be really interested in who we go after in the off-season. It goes without saying that we need at least one, probably two starting pitchers before we can challenge for the World Series. OK, so Green may get traded for one in August, but the off-season worries me. There’s such a hot market for quality starters prices go up and up and up and Russ Ortiz gets signed for $8m a year. I feel that trading Shawn Green for a starter makes more sense if a good deal can be found

Glad I decided not to get up for Vargas start last night. Think I’ll watch Enrique tonight, 1.05am is quite good, a little sleep before, a little sleep after, perfect!


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