Wait A Second…

It’s pet peeve time. I’m getting a little miffed by these put outs at second where the second baseman / shortstop don’t even get within a yard or two of the bag. I’ve seen counsell do it a few times on double plays where they’re concentrating on getting out of the way of the slide and getting in a good position to throw to first that their foot doesn’t touch the bag. Or anywhere near it. Bottom of the eighth at Yankee Stadium today and Betencourt tosses it to Lopez who, while leaping out of the way of Melky Cabrera’s slide was nowhere near the bag, he didn’t get the throw off to second and yet Cabrera’s given out. You’d have thought the second base umpire wouldn’t have too much else to do in that situation that actually look to make sure he touched the bag. If they can get bangbang plays at first and tags on slides into bases right then surely they should be able to see if a fielders foot touches the bag.

In other news Drew is looking good, Enrique looked good, and Green filling in at first is very good and a nice piece of managing by Melvin. Altho I guess with Jackson and Clark hurt there weren’t a whole lot more options, altho you half expected to see Andy Green there or something.

Shawn Green to Yankees for Philip Hughes and Farnsworth? probably not but you’ve got to figure we’ll want pitching for him.


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