Joe Joe left his home in Tucson Arizona

Last Wednesday I started a new job at the council so my nocternal baseball habits will take something of a hit until I work out how awake I need to be to do the job. Nice job by Webby in the all-star game. I played my first game of cricket since rather comprehensively breaking my ankle last June, we lost but it was good fun all the same, took a couple of wickets and third top scorer with the bat.

On the calling up of Stephen Drew – let’s hope his defense doesn’t prove a liability, from what I can see he has a team leading 15 errors (I can’t find his overall fielding stats, and since Shortstops get most plays a game (apart from 1B) it’s logical he might have most errors without being any worse than most guys. Who leads off now? I guess it’ll be DaVanon (great) and Byrnesie (not ideal at leadoff). Can’t see who else could go there, I don’t think Conner Jackson is a serious contender. I guess Easly might when Drew’s not in the line up.


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  1. Kellia

    I like DaVanon leading off also. The problem there is keeping him in the lineup without benching a certain CF who is the team’s co-leader in homers and stolen bases, outright leader in SLG and XBH/H, second in doubles and third in batting average.

    Don’t underestimate the possibility of Conor Jackson as a leadoff hitter. He’s second on the team in walks and his K/BB ratio is 33/39, that’s better than 1.00. He’s also leading in OBP (DaVanon is a close second) and has a decent BA (.270).

    Of course, thinking of Conor that way might take a little more creativity than Melvin’s got.


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