A Ninth To Remember

Wow what a game. There’s only two things that can make me squeel at 3.10am and one of them isn’t a grand slam. Thank god we tacked on those extra runs. I think the first play of the game where DaVanon decided to do what all good European footballers do and argue with the umpire rather than get on with the game and run to first showed why Andy Green should be the guy to give Gonzo and Green off days. I remember the last game I watched in which he started (maybe a month ago – possibly in Atlanta) and he didn’t go 4-4 or anything, but he broke up two double plays by sliding hard at second base, one of which at least kept the inning alive and we scored a run or two. Andy Green plays it with his heart on his sleeve (much in the manner of Byrnes or Eckstein) and is that much more valuable to the club than DaVanon. Obviously I guess Melvin wanted the left hand bat in there but I’d still go with Green and use DaVanon just to give Byrnes days off and as a lefty pinch hitter.

You’ve got to admire our bullpen, when they go to pieces they do it in style (thinking also of the Mariners game I saw when Lyon gave up 4 runs in the top of the ninth in a tied game). Here’s hoping Valverde sorts his problems out and can come up for Aquino (preferably as a set up man – I’m not sure his fastball isn’t a little straight and hittable to be a long term closer). I was thinking bullpens last night and remembering the Astro’s a couple of years back had Dotel and Lidge setting up for Wagner. Ouch.



  1. Jeremy

    true enough! I think the matching up of right/left pitchers and hitters is given too much credence, certainly for righty-righty. Let’s face it most hitters are right handed as are most pitchers, so if a righty hitter can’t hit righty pitchers to some degree then what on earth is he doing up in the big league’s? Since Byrnes can hit righties well enough (.264 with 9 homers, and ok DaVanon is over .300 just facing righties his slugging isn’t as high as Byrnes, and he strikes out slightly more) the need to have DaVanon start against most righty pitchers seems to disappear. Also is it just me or do we seem to win more when Byrnes is in the line up?

  2. Matt

    couldn’t agree more about Andy Green. The bunting, breaking up DPs, defensive versatility – he just oozes teamwork and sacrifice.

    He hasnt hit much, but I imagine the poor kid’s rusty. As you probably know, he was the PCL MVP last year.

    There’s no doubt in my mind he could start for a number of teams and hold his own.

    He’ll just die on the vine in Arizona. Pity.


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