A Short Introduction

2.30am 5th July 2006

A Blog about the Arizona Diamondbacks from across the pond in Cambridge UK. Watching West Coast baseball in the UK is a mostly nocturnal activity – tonights game against the Dodgers is a 2.10am start for instance. My first baseball game was Game 1 of the 2001 World Series, I caught channel hopping and saw Arizona, thought to myself "my Uncle lives in Arizona, I’ve visited him and love it their, I’ll watch this and see what it is". Well, I fell in love with the game, tried to stay up and watch every game of that world series (although mostly woke up during breakfast TV thinking ********** not again!").

Since then I’ve discovered MLB.TV and my sleep patterns have been well and truly destroyed. I work temp jobs as you don’t need to be too coherent to work them, and I don’t have to explain the bags under my eyes. I’m watching as much of tonights game as I can but I have to leave in 4 hours to pick my family up from the airport – a nice five hour round trip. Bottoms Up.



  1. andy5353@aol.com

    well welcome….I follow them alot as I live in the “valley of the sun” AKA Arizona.I will
    be checking out your blog often


  2. Kellia

    Yes, welcome! Nice to know we masochists, uh, D’Backs bloggers, are not alone!

    I used to do a lot of temp work, too, so I know what you mean.

    I’m in California, where my part-time job and travel home therefrom generally means I miss a lot of live games.



  3. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    Welcome to another ex-pat who loves MLB. Hope you have a blast here at the MLBlogosphere and hit up the community blog anytime with questions/comments about how this joint works. Will add you to Rookies and the Browse by Team menu. Happy blogging…



  4. Jeremy

    Cheers for all the welcomes. I should have noted that i’m english, not an american abroad. There is a small but rather dedicated number baseball loving
    brits. I personally find it odd that it’s not more popular, for baseball and cricket are the two most poetic sports, and we invented cricket, strange that we don’t appreciate baseball.

  5. John

    Welcome to The Show, Jeremy.
    I’m also an English baseball fan and a Red Sox fan. I’m at RSN UK (http://siggy99.mlblogs.com) although I haven’t posted recently (life keeps getting in the way!!)

    Checkout Kellia’s blog if you haven’t already and Kaylee’s a great kid.

    The really great blog here, though, is Red Sox Chick (http://redsoxchick.mlblogs.com) where the art of liveblogging ballgames is demonstrated regularly.

  6. samshep9@gmail.com

    The Arizona Diamondbacks have thousands of fans all over the world. Here, I may consider myself as one of the big fans of this wonderful team. Whenever I’ve time I try to attend their games, though sometimes it becomes a little difficult to get Diamondbacks tickets and this is due to these great fans that the team has. Arizona Diamondbacks tickets are a little pricy or hard to be found but the team, as a professional and essential team of MLB, worth any price to watch their games. And when we love a team we try as much as possible these financial obstacles.

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